Information Systems - Network Attached Storage

If you love watching movies and listening to music at home, and you have lots of DVDs and CDs, you may want to build a digital system that can deliver your movies and music without having to physically insert the disk in a player in a particular room.

If you're like me, you've got the records in a carton in the garage or basement, the DVDs in shoe boxes, and the CDs on the coffee table. Sure, you can simply hook up a laptop with an HDMI cable and connect to an outboard storage device like a flash drive to store and retrieve your data in the living room.

But, what I need is a device to deliver all my files, the videos, photos, the documents and music to any room in my house at any time; a place to store the large digital video and music files, and the current book I'm writing. I need a fast and easy way to access all the files, streaming via wireless connectivity to my phone, my laptop, iPad or desktop computer in the office.

If you like this idea, you'll want a fast broadband connection with a wireless dual-band N router. And, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device connected to the wireless router.

That way, videos, movies, TV recordings and music can all be accessed at the touch of a button. With a NAS you get a great Admin Console GUI to work with that is intuitive and looks wonderful. Nothing is cryptic, and everything you want is right there in front of you.

NAS devices mimic file servers on a network. However instead of a big computer, the NAS is just a small box. A NAS is preferable to portable hard drives because multiple computers can access and save to them with a wireless connection.

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