A Place to Remember
The press of the throng was tremendous; the heat was stifling; babies wailed. At one point I thought I would collapse from the excitement. At last we rounded the corner and headed for the gate. Suddenly, the crowd became silent as we stared in awe.
Places and Spaces
Charles F. Winans Illustration Like That
She was the voice of the alienated, and she wrote of the bleak recessess of the human mind; the dark corners of the odd and the eccentric. Small town isolation, as humorous as it is grim and as feeling as it is tragic.
An Essay. Illustration by Charles F. Winans
A life dedicated to seeking? Return to Awakening
The Tejas Walla was one of the first, from his land, to hear the higher call, and to heed that call, going forth when just a youth to search for meaning. Is he any wiser for that seeking? 

A Short Story
Charles F. Winans Illustration Love Is Not All
Her writing caused a sensation when first published; she revealed a mystical vision far beyond what one would expect in a poet so young. She was an artist.
An Essay. 
Illustration by Charles F. Winans
Charles F. Winans Illustration Specialization Is For Insects
A human being should be able to change a diaper...conn a ship...design a building...write a sonnet...balance accounts...build a wall...pitch manure...program a computer, and cook a tasty mea! Specialization is for insects!
Review. Illustration by Charles F. Winans