Travel by Richard J. Williams
A perfect structure.
One can argue this title for the Parthenon in Ancient Greece, the Temple of Solomon, or perhaps the Great Pyramid of Egypt. And while the Parthenon can compare in majesty, the Temple in sanctity and the Great Pyramid in scale, the Taj Mahal ranks first for sheer wonder of beauty. 

Transcendental sense of calm.
B oarding a coach at Peshawar I awoke as the bus pulled into Victoria Station.
Hailing a rickshaw driver I directed him to take me to Agra. As I gazed out at the passing countryside, I reveled in my good fortune. At last we arrived. Thrusting a handful of rupees at my driver, I began hurriedly making my way toward the entrance. 

The press of the throng was tremendous, all heading for the same destination. Babies wailed; the heat was stifling. I continued to push my way through. At one point I thought I would collapse from the excitement! At last I rounded the corner of the Taj Gate. As we stepped through, a sudden quiet came over the unruly crowd and a gasp was heard from several directions. A calm descended upon us; our footsteps halted momentarily as we gazed forth at the magnificent structure. 

Visiting the Taj is like peering into a timescape. Here, words fail in their ability to describe the majesty of such beauty. I record these words while walking the grounds, more to remind myself of my own earthliness than to describe what I see. What cannot be described is the sense of order that I feel, an almost transcendental awareness of calm. I sit, Buddha style, on the marble steps by the fountain. Restful arches shelter me from the sun. I marvel at the grandeur: How can one ever leave such beauty? 

The Taj. 

Truly, a place to remember!